Hydrosurge Bathing

DogWashJapan-21Routine and medicated baths for dogs ONLY are available Monday through Saturday.  Our bathing services include a  pedicure, anal gland expression, and a surface ear cleaning.

Hydrosurge bathing is a state-of-the-art professional bathing system that massages as it cleans.Through a hand held massage sprayer it combines shampoo and water that penetrates through the coat leaving it thoroughly clean and at the same time gently massaging our furry friends.It provides for healthier skin and removes loose hair, dead skin, fleas and other debris.

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All our bathers are brushed prior to their bath to eliminate any mats.  They also receive a complimentary pedicure, anal gland expression and surface ear cleaning.  After bathing, the drying process begins with a hand held drier, and then our furry friend is placed in a cage drier, where they can relax and enjoy a nice breeze blowing over them.  They are brushed out for a second time and then again prior to going home.

DogWashJapan-34Our bathing service is offered only to our canine friends, Monday through Saturday.  So why not take advantage of this unique bathing system and treat your “baby” to a spa day!

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